One Room Challenge: Week 3. Decision time is coming.

Believe it it or not, it’s week three of the One Room Challenge, which means we are halfway to the reveal. Are you stress-sweating? No, just me? OK then. 


The magical and stress-sweat-inducing One Room Challenge is a blogging challenge hosted twice a year. I'm joining for the first time as a guest participant. Check out the other guest bloggers and the featured designers here!

What progress we’ve make in the living/dining room has been stolen in bits and pieces of time. Everyone’s busy - I get that! I can’t complain. So, while we’re not as far as I’d like to be, I want to share the milestones from this week!



The main project for this space is installing new baseboard and window & door casings. When we first bought the house, I immediately wanted to replace the trim. It was short, dinky trim that smelled, I don't know, a bit cheap to me. No offense, little trim.



Then we decided to rip up the existing carpet and install hardwood flooring (BEST decision ever, by the way!). To do so, we had to remove part of the baseboards. I think this is called the shoe? Feel free to check our garage, it's all just hanging out in there since it's been torn up. :) Since we were already faced with the task of installing, caulking, sanding, and painting, we decided just to do it right and replace it all for something better. If we are in fact "doing it right" remains to be seen. But I have high hopes. I mean, after living with naked and flaking walls like these, anything is an improvement!


On Monday night, Brandon and I headed to Lowe's to buy the trim. We decided on a simple, taller baseboard and shorter but more detailed casings. Whaddya think?


Now to be honest, the trim is just sitting in our garage. We are hoping to start installing next week, but it is a relief to at least check "gather materials" off the to-do list. That's the hardest part, right? I've never installed trim before, so the plan is to learn on the trim in this room, and then pack up that new found knowledge & expertise and zoom through the rest of the house, replacing trim like it's nobody's business. What can I say, I match my favorite shade of Essie nail polish -- ETERNAL OPTIMIST. 


The curtains in the dining room are gone! I bought extra long curtains from IKEA when we first moved in, knowing they would have to be hemmed one day. I didn't think that one day would be 4 months later, but whatever. The problem with curtains is that I can't seem to find the perfect length in a nice white that's cheap, so I thought this would be the best option. I had every intention of hemming them all by myself, but with a deadline, it was time to call in reinforcements. AKA my dear mama. My mom is an incredibly talented seamstress (I mean, she made my wedding dress!) so hemming curtains is a breeze for her. She stopped in last evening actually and picked them up. This week, I am hoping to hang the curtain rod for the living room windows that way I can measure those curtains as well. 



The hardest part of the One Room Challenge for me so far has been the decision making! I've had ideas swirling in my heads for months now, but this is when the rubber hits the road and I've just gotta go with something. I actually think a deadline like this is good for me. I have always been a dreamer and ideas come easy. It's the starting and the doing that's difficult. That being said, I am proud to say I nailed down most of the final decisions for this space!

Shelf vs. big picture


One of my goals for this space is to deal with the blank wall above the couch. My original plan was to find a frame roughly the same size as the framed cut-out, to balance the other side of that wall. But then I saw this post from the DIY Playbook and it clicked for me! An art ledge! I have been a long-time fan and reader of Chris Loves Julia and always admired the beautiful art ledge they have above their sofa. This inspired me to build my own. My plan is to make the shelf about 3' long (the same width as the cut-out) and fill it with a few framed prints and maybe one of my plant babies. I made the mood board below from Olioboard and got excited. 

OB-Living Room - neutral and classy.jpg

Currently, my shelf if still in pieces in the basement. I started staining today and hope to have it assembled and installed by the weekend! 


TV Table

This decision I swear gave me grey hairs this week! We got a coupon from Wayfair in the mail, so I was combing through their site looking for the perfect console table/TV stand/piece of furniture to put our TV on. All my favorites were either sold out, not long enough, or not wide enough. WHOMP WHOMP. I was feeling pretty down about it all until I put two and two together and got IKEA. Just last night I hopped on the website and we decided on this little guy. We can't wait for you to join our family, Brimnes! It's not a fancy piece and definately not a show-stopper, but it's the right dimensions and it has some storage. What more could a girl ask for? I am planning to buy some new pull handles to (hopefully) make it look a little less IKEA and a little more special. 

Again, I feel like there is not a lot to show for our progress this week! But I can honestly say we are moving forward and decisions are being made. That's cause for celebration! I'm hoping to get a lot of work done this next week, but we have quite the busy weekend ahead, so wish me luck! Next time you hear from me I'll be a MARATHONER!