Introducing Josephine Sparkles Schlabach

As I started typing this post, the snarky side of me said, are you really going to do an entire blog post about a kitty? Once you go cat-lady there’s no going back!  But then the other, softer part of me gently picked up Side A, scratched her chin and stroked her soft little ears until she started purring. And that kind of made the decision for me. 


Meet Josephine Sparkles Schlabach! Also known as Josie, Jose, Ki'y Cat, and Girlie-Girl. 

I have been an animal-lover my whole life, with a special fondness (OK obsession, whatevs) for horses. After I got married, I knew a horse wasn’t the most practical first pet so that dream is on the shelf for now. 
But don’t worry, I take it off and dust it every now and then. Someday we’ll have our little ranch with horses.
We always had a cat growing up, and I wanted one of my own so badly. This was only bolstered by my amazing brothers in law. Both of my sister's husbands got a kitten for their wives as a gift during their early years of marriage. I don’t like to say this too much, but I CAN’T EVEN WITH THAT CUTENESS.  


I’ve been trying to convince Brandon we needed a kitten but he wasn’t too keen on the idea. He’s a dog guy through and through and he just “didn’t see the point” with a cat. Unfortunately for my campaign, our first house was rental with a no-pet policy. So when we moved last year I told Brandon IT’S ON! Then a few weeks ago, in a sure sign of God’s favor, my good friend group-chatted Brandon and I with a picture of the sweetest stripey kitten face you’ve ever seen. "I think you guys should have him!" OK, Krista, good call. I think so too!


Our little kitten was one from her parent’s cat’s litter (say that ten times fast) and he was actually a she. We picked up our Josie-Cat almost two weeks ago, and it's safe to say she’s settling in just fine. She was curious, but not friendly when we first brought her home, but now she is as tame as can be and so naughty! My curtains have countless small snags, and the poor fern has been assaulted since day 1. I totally get the pet-parent thing now! I feel like I melt at the cuteness and could pull my hair out in frustration all at the same time.


Even with little pieces of shredded fern everywhere (not to mention that the litter box is my responsibility and mine alone) I couldn’t be happier to be a cat lady. Welcome to the fam, Josephine and welcome to the blog, girlfriend!