I'm Doing the 10x10 Challenge!

While I'm no strict minimalist by any means, I do love the mindsets of less is more and quality over quantity. You can blame it on moving, or just on growing up, but either way it's appealing. Combine my growing interest in paring down with my love of a good challenge (I'm looking at you, One Room Challenge and Whole30) and you've got yourself a perfect candidate for the #Summer10x10 Challenge! The general gist is pretty simple - using 10 pieces of clothing, create 10 different outfits, over a 10-day period. 

You can click through to Lee's (the OG creator of the 10x10!) or Caroline's (if you've heard of "capsule wardrobe" it's probably because of her) blog for more details and the heart behind the challenge. I am drawn to this precisely because it's so simple. Surely I can make 10 different outfits, right? 

Another reason I want to join in is because contentment is something I want to cultivate more of in my heart and in my life. It seems like a shallow place to start, but I trust that learning to be content in my wardrobe will be a stepping stone to being content in other areas. That's not to say I'm not buying any new clothes, in fact I have my eye on a certain black t-shirt dress right now, but I don't want to be controlled by my closet. Or by what fancy ladies on Instagram are wearing. You do you, and I will do me. Even if "doing me" is wearing years-old clothes.

I'll try to post daily on Instagram, and at the end of the 10 days I will write a big blog post with all my outfits and how I liked it! Oh, and another fun thing - every day gets an outfit and a Song of the Day. So with that, let's get into the goods! I tried to pick a variety of clothes, because even though my personal style is more casual, I wanted to have options to wear to work and to church. Although, I am allowing myself to make swaps as needed to make the outfits more work-friendly. Here are my clothing picks:


Two pairs of shoes: white Converse sneaker. Old black sandals.
Three skirts: black pencil. Denim 90's style. Olive green button up.
One jacket: my beloved denim jacket from Gap.
One dress: Swing gray t-shirt dress
Three shirts: White cropped shirt with gold details and buttons. Black and white striped boxy shirt. Cream and gray speckled long shirt. 

I recently bought both the speckled shirt and the denim skirt, and while I am IN LOVE with the skirt, I haven't decided if I will keep or return the shirt. I love the look but I'm not sure I love how it fits me. If I do decide to return it, I will just swap that piece for another black and white striped shirt. Other than those two items, most of these clothes have been in my closet for over a year. 


Today, Saturday, is my first official day of the challenge. My first outfit is the one I envisioned right away when I saw these clothes together - black boxy shirt, tucked into my new favorite skirt. I added the Converse sneakers because they felt a little more effortless-cool-girl than the sandals. I actually didn't wear this outfit much today (besides trying it on in the morning and snapping the picture you see below) because my Saturday was spent running, cleaning, and working on house projects. However, once all our work was done, Brandon and I decided to treat ourselves for being responsible homeowners by going out for supper in the city. We had mediocre food at an amazing location - Tellus360, which is the hippest rooftop spot I've ever been to. Also the only rooftop spot, but no matter. Anyway, I felt fun and confident in this outfit, which is such a good feeling. When I saw myself in the mirror, I reminded myself of a teenager who's very into the whole 90's trend. But because I loved each article of clothing on my body, I didn't feel like I was trying too hard. I just felt like myself. 


Outfit rating: 10/10! Felt good and would wear again
Song of the day: "I Got A Car" by George Strait. Not even a favorite song or anything, just one my husband had on repeat all day as we worked around the house. So now it has happy memories attached to it.


And here is my first outfit, out in the wild with a frozen coffee and a happy girl. See you all in 10 days! Wish me luck!