10x10 Recap

I am the sucker that falls for every challenge that comes along, but this is one I'm really glad I did! The #Summer10x10 is officially done! I shared more about it in this post, but my attraction to the 10x10 (created by Lee) is the idea of re-imagining what you already have. I am not looking for a whole new wardrobe, but rather to learn contentment and get new ideas for how to wear the clothes I already have. So, wanna see how I wore 10 articles of clothing over 10 days to make 10 different outfits? Just keep swimming. And I'm not even going to apologize for the awkwardness of these photos. At this point, I'm just glad I got pictures of each outfit. Thanks self timer!


Day 1: Saturday
- Song of the day: "I Got A Car" - George Strait
- You've seen this outfit before here, but this was my first official 10x10 outfit. Loved wearing this, loved how I felt it this, and that's a great feeling to have. Also, can this be every Saturday night? Dinner and coffee in the city? Great!

IMG-6413 (1).jpg

Day 2: Sunday
- Song of the day: "New Wine" - Hillsong
- Sunday was pretty busy for me. Church, then home for a little bit, then preparing some food to take to our 5-year class reunion at a park. The most cliche line of class reunions? "How can it be 5 years already?" But in all honesty, how can it? So glad and so blessed that my high school friends have turned into some of my best friends. Oh, and into my husband as well. That's a big one.

Day 3: Monday
- Song of the day: "Sky Full of Song" - Florence and the Machine. When you have an album on a continuous loop, you know it's a good one. I CANNOT say enough good things about Florence, and particularly the new album High As Hope. I think it's my soul music.
- Monday actually gives you two looks - a 10x10 bonus! The left side is my outfit as I wore it for most of the day at work. I was really pleased with this look, as I felt pulled-together but still cute. But it felt too dressy and too uncomfortable for Brandon's softball game that evening. I really wanted to change, but made myself at least stay within the 10 pieces of the challenge. I'm actually glad I stuck to it because I really like the casual outfit as well! All it took was un-tucking the shirt, changing into sneakers, and taking my hair down and braiding it. 


IMG-6428 (1).jpg

Day 4: Tuesday
- Song of the day: "I Said Hi" - Amy Shark. In need of a good little bop? Look no further.
- Tuesday was pretty chill. This was almost my work outfit, as I switched out this skirt for another one that was a bit longer and more appropriate. We didn't have big plans in the evening, so in a way it's a wasted outfit. But at least I looked cute for cooking dinner! 

IMG-6546 (1).jpg

Day 5: Thursday
- Song of the day: "Don't Let it Get You Down" - Johnnyswim. Everything about this song is perfect. 
- Yes, I took a break on Wednesday. I figured 10 total days are the goal, not 10 consecutive. But Thursday was just another day, another work outfit. This one felt cool and cute. Nothing special or interesting (aside from parting my hair differently, yes I have a license to walk on the wild side) but still a passing grade in my book. 

IMG-6569 (1).jpg

Day 6: Friday
- Song of the day: "Silhouettes" - Colony House
- This outfit was one I've been wanting to try, the whole dress-as-as-shirt thing. I really like this gray t-shirt dress, but I haven't worn it as often as I thought I would. I think this is due to the dress not fitting quite right on me. Since it's a little big in places, I don't feel pulled together when I wear it but rather messy. So tucking it into my skirt gave it a better shape. This outfit felt good and actually flattering!

IMG-6628 (1).jpg

Day 7: Saturday
- Song of the day: "Pretty Shining People" - George Ezra. Although if we're being honest, the song of the day should be "The Night Circus" book by Erin Morgenstern. I started this audio book on Saturday and listened to it all day long! I still haven't finished it yet, but I can't wait to road trip this weekend and get back into it. 
- This outfit was only worn for a few hours, as most of the day was spent painting and working on house projects. But Brandon and I went out to eat with his parents that evening, and this look was perfect. Or, it would have been perfect if my skirt had been a size larger. Pad Thai and sushi, oh my. You can get in my belly anytime darlings. 

IMG-6631 (1).jpg

Day 8: Sunday
- Song of the day: "Till I Found You" - Phil Wickham
- Sunday was church, lunch with friends, and an family evening at my parent's house. A busy day, but I'm glad I got to finally fit this shirt into the 10x10. It actually is a flattering shirt to wear, and made me wonder why don't I wear it more often? Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering if I actually wore my jacket or just carried it around...I definitely carried it around. The air conditioning was broken at church so needless to say I wanted nothing to do with an extra layer. My heat tolerance is at about a 0 out of 10, so I'm just thankful we all survived. Count your blessings, kids.

IMG-6678 (1).jpg

Day 9: Tuesday (my iced coffee is full of secrets and my kitten wants to be in every photo)
- Song of the day: "Waking Up Slow" - Gabrielle Aplin (the piano version...ugh, so good.)
- Yes, took another skip day on Monday. But on Tuesday I knew I was almost done, and got energized all over again! I knew I'd like this because of how much I loved my first 10x10 outfit which was just a variation of this. This felt cute enough for work or going out and reminded me how good a plain old ponytail can feel. 

IMG-6780 (1).jpg

Day 10: Wednesday
Song of the day: "Follow Your Fire" - Kodaline
Aaaaand, we're done! Happy last day outfit. This honestly was not my favorite look, but they can't all be winners, right? 

IMG-6759 (1).jpg

My goal for this #Summer10x10 was to find a new appreciation for my clothes. Sure, I'm always tempted to buy new things, try a new style, and that's all well and good. But lately, one thing I have been reminding myself of is, "sure, but this won't make you happy." 
I was having a rough morning this week, and told myself I could stop at Starbucks on the way to work. But immediately after the thought came to me: yeah, you can stop at Starbucks. Great. But a coffee won't make you happy and a coffee won't change your attitude. So simple, right? But it rings true and was so powerful for me. And if it's true for coffee, it's true for clothes, true for boyfriends, and true for anything, really. I want my attitude and my joy to be grounded and secure; not based on insignificant things like the newest shoes. I really do think this somewhat silly clothing challenge helped drive this point home for me. And for that reason alone, I'm glad I did it. But hey, I also learned that a dress can be a shirt and you can wear black sandals with literally anything! Cheers, ladies!